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Rock Lobby is the new home for your musical life.

It’s a social network built specifically for people who love live music and make it great. Rock Lobby’s tools and features are about getting stuff done. Our tools are built to process and organize all the boring tasks so you can focus on what you enjoy most - experiencing and creating great music.

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  • For Musicians and Bands

    Manage your profile and link it to your band(s), centralize communication, find concert opportunities, book shows, get feedback on performances, and way more.

  • For Venues

    Organize and simplify your booking pipeline and keep track of all concert communications in one place. Keep a free venue profile page, advertise your shows, and learn more about the bands you book and their fans.

  • For Fans

    Discover and buy tickets to great shows locally, follow your favorite artists, keep a profile of your musical life, interact with and meet fellow fans and musicians, create and share reviews, and explore great music.

  • For Promoters

    Keep track of all your shows and concert communication in one place, find better acts and rising talent, cultivate more relationships, and more easily put on better shows.

On Rock Lobby, your one account can do it all - whether you’re a musician, venue employee, fan, promoter, or anything else, your account can evolve and adapt to whatever you’re doing.